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"It’s so hot outside today…"

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Blinking a bit in surprise, the blunette allowed the other move in with little restraint. Though calm, Urara remained relatively still, except for the quick movement of violet eyes as he watched the other move the hair back. Hama seemed to hold some sort of fascination with his hair and, as strange as it was, Urara was flattered nonetheless. Perhaps he would allow the strange human the option to further experiment with his hair… After much internal debate, Urara finally came to a conclusion. Once the other was done, he quietly spoke up. “If you want… I’ll let you play with it.”

“Really?” Hama exclaimed, a bit surprised, but pleased none the less. A hand raised up, slipping into the turban that kept most of his hair hidden, and he pulled out what appeared to be a handful of hair accessories — random hair clips, hair pins, hairbands, ribbons, bows, barrettes, and the alike. “How wonderful! I’m sure I have something here that’ll look just fabulous with your hair!” He remarked, a pleased grin across his lips. “But we should find somewhere to sit down first…” He mused, glancing around, searching for a bench.

Urara was pleased at the other’s enthusiasm. His lips molded into an amused smile as he motioned towards a bench not too far from the pair. “How about over there? It’s nice and shady… Plus, there is a water fountain nearby.” Being in the sun too long was exhausting, and caused the alien to dry out quicker The shade and reassurance of hydration would provide a nice relief.

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Yamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa da

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I love how everyone I RP with is like:

“BAM!! There’s a reply!”

And I’m over here like:



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I wonder if anyone actually reads the RPs I do with other people.

And if you do, I apologise profusely for my lack of RPing skill.

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